FURIOUS residents blasted council bosses for leaving huge piles of waste and rubble at a cemetery.

An old toilet block has been demolished at Corringham Cemetery, but mourners are furious that rubble has been left piled high in the cemetery.

Images show large piles of waste near the graves, leaving residents who are visiting their loved ones before Christmas frustrated.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “Thurrock Council has demolished a disused public toilet from the cemetery and dumped all the bricks, roof tiles, sanitary ware and other items at the other end of the cemetery.

“A place of peace, tranquility and quiet reflection for families now appears to look more like the Civic Amenity Site.

“They told us it would be cleared in mid December and it’s only half done. The council always leaves the site in right mess which is very sad.

“I walk past it with my dog and thought it looked awful and contacted media and the council about what’s been going on there.

“A few others were also concerned and spoke to them about it too.”

Bob Smith, 59, of Corringham was also disappointed by the state of the cemetery.

He said: “I’ve also walked past and was so shocked to see it like this. It does feel like a tipping site and I just cannot understand what’s happened there.

“It is mindblowing and such a shame - it’s there to serve as somewhere for time of thoughts but how can you want to visit it with all this.

“There is just no excuse and I am so angry about it and know others are as well.”

He said there’s also the cost to be considered and pointed out how it’s not cheap to have a place for family members and loved ones.

The angry residents are demanding the council steps up efforts to clean up its act and the site for the good for the community and the loved ones buried and remembered there.

Listed on Thurrock Council website, the grave yard off Fobbing Road, Corringham, was originally opened in 1930.

The council site says it offers, traditional graves and memorial gardens and is open to the public from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Thurrock Council was contacted for comment.