2020 saw a vast majority of our year being spent stuck inside and was a hard time for many due to not only the stress of COVID-19 but also the boredom of lockdown.This sparked a new hobby for many-one of whom was teenager Grace who was 13 years old at the time. 

Over a year later Grace has made over 4,000 sales selling handmade phone and airpod cases

When having the pleasure to speak to Grace, she told me that she began her business (Graces Cases) "to keep busy" due to school being closed and said that her aim was to "make others happy during a hard time" little to Grace's knowledge, she had a successful future ahead.It all began on the 6th of June 2020 when Grace created an instagram account (@gracescases_) to begin selling her handmade phone cases to the world.Grace also created a TikTok account (@gracescases__) to advertise these cases which later proved to be a very impacting decision for her small business.

On the 28th of July Grace created an Etsy account; an app used by many small business owners around the world which is primarily focused on selling art, vintage items and handmade goods and this method of selling became her primary technique of making sales.

Exactly a month after creating her Etsy, Grace went viral after posting a tiktok featuring a case inspired by the famous content creator @willywonkatiktok.The TikTok reached 1.2 million views with many users commenting that they "NEED" the case featured in the video and requests for more came flying in! When speaking to Grace she told me that although she was making sales before "this really kickstarted" her business.

It has now been over a year since Grace posted this tiktok and she has reached an astounding 27.3K followers on this platform and achieved an amazing 3,964 followers on Instagram.And after a year of selling on Etsy, Grace has decided to create her own website (www.gracescases.co.uk) and is now able to sell on her own platform which is such an astonishing achievement for someone of such a young age. When speaking about her business Grace told me "I enjoy making and packaging every single order I recieve"          It is extremly clear that she has a great passion and immense enjoyment for this business and truly puts her heart into it- appreciating every single order she gets.

Prices for GracesCases range from £10 for an original design and can vary from £10-£20 for a custom case,Grace also sells airpod cases for £8.50. All designs are hand drawn and from experience I can inform you that the cases are of an extremely high quality!

If you are interested in supporting a small business and buying from Graces Cases then visit www.gracescases.co.uk or go to @gracescases__ on TikTok and @gracescases_ on instagram to view many of her designs which are available to buy on the website!