A HEROIC police officer who apprehended a suspect who had punched her in the face and dragged a colleague along by a car has been handed a top award.

PC Chantelle Feyzifar claimed the Wilson Trophy during Essex Police’s annual awards ceremony.

Chantelle, who is part of the Grays Local Policing Team, claimed the award for producing the ‘outstanding act of the year’.

It related to an incident where she and a fellow officer were trying to carry out a routine traffic stop.

Chantelle stepped in after a violent driver dragged a colleague down the road with his moving vehicle and, when the vehicle stopped, started to punch the officer.

She had chased the vehicle and attempted to get the man off her colleague.

Despite being punched herself, Chantelle was able to call for back-up before chasing the driver who had run off.

She eventually caught up with him when he became stuck at a gate and was able to detain him before other officers helped complete the arrest.

Chantelle was one of a number of Essex Police officers and staff recognised during the awards ceremony.

Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington said: “During the pandemic, the officers, staff and volunteers of Essex Police rose to the challenge and then some.

“All of them carried on in the face of adversity and risk.

“They policed the regulations with compassion, common sense and credibility and continued to press on with our main effort of catching criminals and keeping people safe, despite the challenges the virus put in their way.

“Some moved away from their families to keep on doing the job and, even when the virus took away much-loved and loved ones or left them seriously ill, they kept on doing the job.

“It is my chance as Chief Constable to say thank you to everyone and, most importantly, thank their loved ones for their enduring support and patience.

“We heard about outstanding operational work and remarkable acts of bravery and devotion to duty.

However, this is just a part of what makes Essex Police a great force.”