Colchester Council considers hundreds of planning applications every year.

They range from chopping down trees to building extensions, new houses and changes to shops and businesses.

But what about those that fail?

Here, we look at projects thrown out by the council this week.

Ferrymen Drive, Rowhedge

What is it? Proposed first floor balcony

Why didn’t the council like it? 

The decision notice said the blacony would be "oppressive" to the occupants of a neighbouring property.

It added: "The design of the proposed development is poor, it would be materially harmful to the character of the host dwelling and street scene."

Forest Road, Colchester

What is it? Extension and conversion of existing 4 bed house into 8 bed HMO Property

Why didn’t the council like it?

The report said: "It is considered that the combined mass and bulk of the proposed extensions would appear overly dominant and not subservient to the host dwelling, creating an incongruous appearance.

"The proposal is considered to harmfully impact upon the amenity of the surrounding residential properties due to the overbearing impact of the extension, as well as noise and disturbance to the neighbouring properties."

The council said the proposal would not offer satisfactory living conditions for future occupiers and does not provide any vehicle or cycle parking. 

Stane Park, Tollgate

What is it? Installation of an internally illuminated totem sign

Why didn’t the council like it?

The report said: "The proposed internally illuminated totem sign would have a detrimental impact on visual amenity, being an incongruous and intrusive visual feature within the established landscaping which serves to soften the visual appearance of the A12 road system."