A TEENAGE model has taken centre stage in a new Primark clothing campaign.

Lacey Collins, 15, from Corringham is appearing in online videos and large billboards for the new clothing range with the store and Pineapple Dance Studios.

The youngster has been modelling since she was five, and has worked with the likes of Mothercare, Next, Nickelodeon and Nokia.

Desiree Collins, who is Lacey’s grandmother said she’s so proud of her.

She said: “Lacey’s worked with Pineapple Dance Studio and been in their displays in Covent Gardens for about a year.

“It’s amazing and the dance studios are huge, but Primark is even bigger and everyone goes to the stores.

“She finds it really exciting and an Instagram post was shared by Anne Marie, which Lacey was delighted about.

Thurrock Gazette:

“She is very grounded and wants to help and inspire others rather than talk about herself and her own success.

“She’s worked with Mark Battershall who is a choreographer with Pineapple Dance Studios as well as Strictly Come Dancing. He’s her mentor and is great and so supportive.

“She’s such a lovely girl and is studious at school and loves football.”

Thurrock Gazette:

Desiree said the family is very grounded and her talented granddaughter aspires to be a marine biologist.

She added: “Lacey was so excited when we saw the billboards and video on social media and we think it will go worldwide.

“She also has YouTube videos where she aims to help others with their self esteem and wants to show anyone can reach their dreams.

“The skies the limit for Lacey! I am so proud of her and she is having a great time.”