A POIGNANT and moving memorial service was held in honour of a young man who fell victim to a town centre stabbing while on a night out.

Harry Burkett, 21, of Grays, died after suffering a fatal stab wound in Orwell Road, Clacton, shortly after midnight on September 12.

On Saturday, just shy of a week on from his tragic and untimely death, his friends and family, and members of the community, gathered together in his memory.

They met on the Blackshots Field, in Grays. 

The younger children within the family wore customised t-shirts in tribute to Harry, while some of the adults donned tops with his photo on.

Thurrock Gazette:

Following speeches about Harry the large group collectively let go of hordes of balloons which to floated off into the sky.

Harry Baldwin, 20, who considered Harry to be his closest friend, arranged the memorial service, which attracted more than 100 people.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up and gave Harry respect, support and a good get together in his memory,” he said.

“It felt good what we did for Harry and he would be so proud of everyone that turned up - we all did you proud just like you did to us every day.

“We will always and forever miss you. You were not just my best mate, but a brother – love you mate.”

Thurrock Gazette:

Harry’s uncle, Pete Draper, 43, was also was pleased with how it turned out.

He added: “I think it went really well and it was really nice everybody attended and it was a really touching tribute.

“We had a little drink afterwards for him and Harry’s two young sisters attended as well, which was very lovely.

“It was all organised by Harry’s best friend Harry, and he so really deserves credit for it.”

Harry's cousin Chelsey Thwaites added: "I will always miss you Harry - all my family and I will be looking after Harry why he’s up my end, he will never be alone.

"I will be there tidying him up making sure he looks good.

"I would like to thank Clacton community that has laid down flowers, balloons, cards, tea lights, gifts, and money.

"It means a lot to me as I live here in Clacton. I want to say thank you for all the shops that have been so supportive - thank you to Quality diner.

"I will be trying to get a plaque on the wall or lamp post - if the council will let me, to remember Harry and he was a victim of knife crime."

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Harry sustained the stab wound after visiting Clacton to enjoy a night of clubbing with a friend and despite the best efforts of paramedics later died in hospital.

A 16-year-old boy, of Clacton, has since been charged with murder and appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court on Monday.