Artwork on a walkway to commemorate the arrival of Caribbean families after a new life has been smashed in a "targeted hate crime."

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an art and sound installation on display at Tilbury Port.

The installation takes over one of the original walkways where passengers from the Empire Windrush disembarked over 73 years ago.

Several of the 432 panes of glass where the artwork is featured has been broken, with reports of vandals indiscriminately targeting the bridge.

Thurrock Gazette:

Despite the antics of those who seek to cause criminal damage, the work will remain open to the public and the work will not be silenced. 

Artist EVEWRIGHT the Creator of Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories said: "This artwork is made as a celebration of the lives and endeavours of Caribbean elders, from the Windrush Generation. It has been created through the need to preserve their stories and first-hand accounts so future generations can understand the importance of the contributions they made to Britain.


"This work has received an overwhelming positive response from the public and those who contributed their stories and images. The feedback from the public is heartfelt knowing these stories where being told. Yet there are a few who choose to damage this beautiful work. 

"This is a targeted hate crime targeted towards the Windrush Generation. Who themselves had to show resilience in the face of the racism and barriers many of them experienced. I intend to keep the damage windows in place on the installation as a visible reminder of the hate and bigotry towards those that are seen as “other and foreigner” that still unfortunately still exists in our society today."