AN operation was launched to target nuisance bikers that use un-let council garages to store squad and motorbikes.

Essex Police joined forces with Thurrock council's environmental enforcement and housing garages team for the operation.

Officers removed a total of 10 vehicles which they suspect had been stolen or used by anti-social off road motorcyclists.

This included six motor bikes, two quad bikes and two cars - which were all being illegally stored in council garages without permission.

Leader of Thurrock council Rob Gledhill said: “Following resident reports and intelligence gathered by our officers we were able to target garages where we knew nuisance motorcyclists were storing their bikes and quads.

“Once again this shows how important it is that residents properly report these issue to us or to Essex Police either by calling 101 or using their Digital 101 service. Although they do not always lead to immediate actions every report we receive helps to build up a picture and enable us to better target resources and carry out operations like this which hit the people carrying out these offences where it hurts by seizing their bikes.

“As well as the nuisance these motorcyclists cause law-abiding residents these people were taking money from our council tenants by using empty council garages to store their illicit vehicles.

“This should serve as a warning to anyone else who brings their motorbikes into our borough to ride them illegally: we will take all possible action to stop their activities and confiscate the vehicles they use to carry out acts of anti-social behaviour.”