Train bosses have become the latest to announce they will continue to ask passengers to wear a face mask in crowded and busy areas.

C2c is following the same lead as Greater Anglia in asking customers to wear a covering on busy platforms or trains.

It comes as the legal requirement to wear a face covering in England has been removed as the final easing of lockdown.

The Government is still however recommending people wear face masks in certain settings, but are placing the emphasis on ‘personal responsibility’ rather than making it enforceable by law.

Here is what public transport providers, hospitals and shops in south Essex are asking their customers and visitors to do when it comes to face masks:

C2c and Greater Anglia

Both train operators want passengers to follow Government advice and wear face coverings on crowded trains and platforms.

However, they will not be asking customers to wear a mask in quieter areas.

A c2c spokesman said:” From today, we expect people to follow government advice, and to wear a face covering (unless exempt) in crowded spaces, out of respect for others. “Face coverings are there to protect other people, not just you. Please help everyone to travel with confidence."

First Essex

The bus firm which runs services across the county is asking passengers to wear a face mask at all times when traveling.

This is regardless of whether it is busy or not.

Buses will be returning to full capacity now that social distancing has been dropped.

A spokesman said: “We are following government guidance and recommend all customers wear a face mask whilst on board.

"Please remember that this is a personal choice in England and not everyone may wish to wear a mask."

Nibs Buses

The firm, which operates school and some community services in south Essex is “strongly recommending passengers wear a mask when on board one of its buses.

It says it will be allowing all seats to now be used on its buses and services dedicated to students will be accepting members of the public again.

Southend Airport

Bosses have confirmed passengers on planes flying in and out of Southend Airport must continue to wear a face covering.

Passengers will also be asked to wear masks inside the terminal building, which will still have social distancing markers and screens in place.

A spokesman said: “The airport team are trained in Covid safety and will be on hand to support our customers who we look forward to welcoming to the airport.”

Basildon and Southend hospitals

Visitors to the hospitals must continue to wear a face mask to keep staff and patients safe.

Staff will also be required to wear a covering, while social distancing and hand sanitising will remain in place at the hospitals and small health centres linked to them.

A spokesman said: “The maintaining of these rules is for the safety of patients and staff, as well as safely allowing the most vulnerable people to continue to attend hospital.

“This is in line with hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies and other healthcare settings across the country.”

Visitor restrictions will also remain in place across the hospitals, with each patient allowed one visitor during the times of 2-3pm and 6-7pm.

Exceptions are being made for those on end of life care.

Victoria Shopping Centre

Bosses at the centre are asking customers to keep on wearing masks when inside.

They say it is for their staff and customers safety, adding they “appreciate understanding during this time.”

The Royals Shopping Centre

Another of Southend’s shopping sites is asking customers to keep on wearing face masks despite the legal requirement being dropped.

Bosses are also asking people to observe social distancing “where possible” and to keep on making use of hand sanitising stations set up around the centre.

Eastgate Shopping Centre

The Basildon centre’s message is slightly different, with customers asked to consider wearing a face mask, particularly in crowded areas or confined spaces.

The centre is however warning that some of its shops will still be asking customers to wear a face covering upon entering their store.

A breakdown of the face mask rules in supermarkets is available here