Hay fever sufferers in Colchester and north Essex have been warned about 'very high' pollen counts this weekend. 

The East is set to bask in the sun as the UK goes through a mini-heatwave - with temperatures here hitting 28C.

The Met Office Forecast says there are very high levels of pollen expected across the region on Saturday, Sunday and into Monday. 

Grass pollen, weed pollen (nettle, pellitory-of-the-wall, dock, plantain) and fungal spore seasons are in 'peak period'.

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When will the 'very high' pollen be in place until? 

Airborne allergens expert and creator of HayMax allergen barrier balm, Max Wiseberg, said very high pollen counts will remain until at least Tuesday. 

“Hay fever sufferers in Colchester [and Essex] will be bearing the brunt of the very highest pollen counts this weekend,” he said. 

"And it looks likely that very high pollen counts will remain until at least Tuesday.

"A lot of people have been complaining about it being a terrible year for hay fever already.

"But in the coming five days we’ll see very high pollen counts across the East of England.”

Why will the pollen be so high?

Max said: “This pollen explosion will be happening because we’ve had hot weather followed by a lot of rain, repeatedly this year, which is perfect for creating the most amount of pollen possible."

How can I treat hay fever? 

"One of the most effective things sufferers can do to combat all of this pollen is to create their own hay fever first aid kit, following the rules carefully," Max added.

“Pharmaceutical remedies are generally based on either antihistamines or steroid nasal sprays.

"You can create your own, bespoke hay fever first aid kit that suits your specific needs.”

“However, there are rules: never take two antihistamines together, never take two steroid nasal sprays together, and consult your pharmacist or doctor about it if you are already taking another medication. 

"I suggest that your ideal hay fever first aid kit will consist of one or more natural products, only one antihistamine, only one nasal spray and eye drops.”