Hoax callers have been clogging up emergency police lines today. 

Essex Police's Force Control room has tweeted some of the stupid reasons people have called 999 today. 

Among them was someone wanting a steak, another who complained it was too hot and a driver who was stuck in traffic. 

Reffering to the caller who was stuck int raffic, the force control room said on Twitter: "If you are stuck in traffic due to an accident or because you are heading in the direction of a beach, please don't call 999 letting us know you are stuck in traffic.

"Calling 999 to let us know you are stuck in traffic stops genuine emergency calls coming through.

"Sadly if you are stuck you have to wait for the road to clear before you start moving."

Hundreds of motorists were stuck in long queues on the A13 near Pitsea today following a four-car crash. 

Both sides of the road were shut to allow an air ambulance to land. 

Police have since reopened the road, but only one lane is open on the eastbound side where the crash happened.