Council bosses are warning they are prepared to take action against landowners after raw sewage was found being pumped into the ground at a traveller's site. 

Thurrock Council enforcement officers made the discovery during a routine visit to the Buckles Lane site in South Ockendon. 

They also found cesspits and sewage systems at the site were not being maintained properly. 

Thurrock Council says it will continue to carry out visits and inspections of Buckles Lane to ensure action it taken to tackle the sewage issue, as well checking there have been no planning breaches.

Several warnings have been issued to landlowners who will face action if they fail to address the sewage problems. 

Council leader Rob Gledhill, said: "This is the latest action we are taking as we tackle decades of unchecked development on the Buckles Lane site.

"It is important that we carry out these visits to protect residents living there with proper permission and ensure that unscrupulous landowners do not damage the local countryside and drainage systems.

"Yesterday's action uncovered some truly disgusting conditions on the site including raw sewage being pumped into holes, uncapped and completely full cesspits and an illegal waste storage site.

"We are resolute in our message that unauthorised development, unsafe utilities and improper land usage will be tackled on this site.

"We will continue to visit properties, knock on doors and take every appropriate action until all issues at this site are resolved."