A fox cub was rescued by RSPCA officers after it got itself stuck in a sewer pipe.

Inspector Jack Taylor was called to help the fox in need who was running up and down the sewer pipe but couldn’t get himself out in The Upway, Basildon, on Thursday (27 May).

The 12-week-old cub was found by an Anglian Water employee who was fixing a blockage when they spotted the fox.

Thurrock Gazette: Saved - the fox cub Saved - the fox cub

Jack managed to contain the fox around the middle with his grasper and slowly and carefully hoisted him up to safety.

He said: “This poor fox had got himself into a bit of a tricky situation and was stuck running up and down the pipe but unable to climb his way out.


"I took him to a nearby wildlife hospital and after a bath and some antibiotics to make sure he wasn’t affected by any of the bacteria in the sewer, he will soon be released back into the wild.

“Not only was this little fox lucky he wasn’t hurt when he fell down the pipe, he was also lucky that someone spotted his plight and contacted us.

"The fox will soon be released back to the wild nearby to where he was found.”