Conservative Roger Hirst has been re-elected as Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Mr Hirst swept to victory with 235,346 votes, far ahead of second place which was taken by Labour's Chris Vince with 99,712 votes.

The turnout for the PFCC elections for the county was 32.84%.

First preference results for the whole of Essex was as follows:

Roger Hirst (CON) 235,346 

Robin Tilbrook (ENG DEM) 42,831

Chris Vince (LAB & CO-OP) 99,712

Jon Whitehouse (LIB DEM) 58,131.

Residents went to the polls on Thursday to decide who represents them as commissioner.

Commissioners are responsible for overseeing both police forces and fire services.

Ahead of the election, Mr Hirst said sexual abuse and harassment must be tackled, so women and girls do not have to live in fear.

He said: “I will continue to champion the rights of victims, including their right to be referred to services that are tailored to support their needs, for example Restorative Justice and Mediation Services. Whilst we have made progress, there is still much more to do.

“I will have an even sharper focus on promoting awareness of domestic abuse, protecting and supporting victims and their children and I will invest further to strengthen the support that is available for them.”