TRAVELLERS on an unauthorised site are making lives of neighbours a misery, claim campaigners.

Angry residents hit out at Thurrock Council for failing to act over the unauthorised site off Fort Road in Tilbury.

But council bosses say they’re doing all they can and pushing to remove the illegal camp.

One angry resident said: “Thurrock Council has been quite slow to react to this small site and it’s been three years since the authority was first notified.

“The travellers have fenced off the area they occupy along with most of the surrounding land.

“This land was used by two Tilbury residents but now the travellers have 30 horses, six goats and a lot of dogs on the land.

“The dogs bark every night and the travellers ride scramblers most days, which is very annoying to residents.

“Considering a lot of the argument for the new road change which was meant to offer nice views to the fort, open areas for the public and unspoilt views for visitors looking out from the fort, the traveller camp has achieved the complete opposite.

“It seems as though travellers in Thurrock seem to be able to live a life with no consequences and are seemingly aided by Thurrock Council.”

Council bosses say there have been complications with land ownership but they are doing all they can to resolve the issue.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “Until very recently the land was in multiple private ownership which meant that the council was powerless to act as it was the commoners’ responsibility.

“The land is now in single private ownership and, disappointingly for local residents, the landowner has failed to deal with the matter.

“However this now means the council can take decisive action as the occupation of the land is a breach of planning control.

“Thurrock Council is pursuing action against the landowner on these grounds.

“The council sympathises with nearby residents affected and is working to take action to remove this unauthorised encampment.

“The council is also liaising with Essex Police about the motorcycle nuisance.”