Crews and stars and writers of the Stars Wars series were seen filming at an Essex site, according to Star Wars Sessions.

The online source says shooting for the upcoming Disney+ series Andor has been taking place at the former Coryton Refinery site in Corringham.

A spokesman said: " The shoot itself has been being readied for the past few weeks and these same sources have confirmed the presence of both Tony Gilroy and Diego Luna for the principal photography shoot."

Mr Gilroy is an American screenwriter and filmmaker, while Mr Luna is one of the stars of the show.

According to Star Wars Sessions, no story details were given, the shoot has been ongoing for several weeks including prep time and set-up and Tony Gilroy, Diego Luna, and various members of the cast have been on-location to shoot scenes.

The series source spokesman added: "Multiple locations across and within the refinery have been utilised. Various instances of green screen have been spotted across the site. Location facility vehicle providers Movie Makers have been active on set throughout."