A RELIEVED family are thanking residents after their beloved dog, who went missing in a blizzard, was found more than 40 miles away.

Romea Cafasso and her husband David Thompson were left gobsmacked after their 11-year-old toy poodle, Jet, was returned home after being missing for six weeks.

The family, who live in Ardleigh, feared the worst after their pooch became lost in Storm Darcy.

A massive search effort was launched on social media, boosted by the support of residents, to try to track down Jet.

Six weeks past but then Jet was discovered 40 miles away in Basildon, to joy of daughters Ella, 16, and Carys, 13.

Romea said: “ She went missing in the snow on February 7 whilst my two girls and husband were building a snowman in our communal gardens.

“Despite several phone calls from suspected sightings, one on a wildlife camera in the woods in Langham, she wasn’t found.

“We were sure she wouldn’t be found alive as it was bitterly cold the next few nights and she is an old lady.

“Everyone kept on looking and there was even a socially distanced meet held one Saturday morning where over 30 people from the village spent the morning hunting in the snow to try to find her.

“The community spirit even in these awful times was overwhelming.”

Romea added: “I received a call from the Dogs Trust in Basildon who asked if I was missing a dog.

“I remember I asked her if she was joking as I couldn’t believe she could have got so far away from home.

“Sure enough our little Jet was in Basildon albeit very fluffy and a little bit on the skinny side. She immediately jumped up on to David’s lap and licked his face, then I got to cuddle her.”

Following their ordeal and learning the miraculous journey Jet had been on, Romea wants to thank the community for all their support.

She added: “We cannot thank all the wonderful people enough who posted on the internet, went out searching when it was freezing cold or just kept us going with all their messages.

“She has gone back to life as normal pinching our socks and stashing them in her bed, playing with her toys and being her inquisitive energetic self.”