THE number of people who have been vaccinated against Covid in south Essex has been revealed.

Three in five people in Southend have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, while half of people in Basildon have had theirs.

NHS data shows 88,245 people had received a vaccine jab by March 28 in Southend – equating to 60 per cent of those aged 16 and over, according to the latest population estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

In Basildon, this was 86,269, equating to 58 per cent, with 62,246 being aged over 50.

Of those vaccinated in Southend, 64,163 were aged 50 or over – 91 per cent of the age group.

It means 24,082 people in Southend and 24,023 in Basildon aged between 16 and 49 have received a first dose of the vaccine.

In Castle Point, nearly two-thirds of people have been vaccinated, with 48,922, with 38,666 people aged over 50, and 10,256 between 16 and 49.

In Thurrock, 67,641 have been vaccinated, or 51 per cent, with 47,884 aged over 50.

Across England, 25.9 million people had received their first dose of a vaccine by March 28, covering 57% of the population aged 16 and over.

That includes 19.6 million people aged 50 and over – 93% of the age group.

The figures also show that 2.9 million people have had a second dose of the jab.

A small number of people are not included due to their age being unknown.