COUNCIL bosses have hit out at calls by Unite the Union for strike action.

Council bosses say the call for strike action, which will affect services used by residents such as waste collection, street cleaning and highways maintenance, is based on inaccurate statements and speculation.

In April 2019, a new pay scale was introduced that will result in significant investment in council staff pay by 2023. The majority of staff saw increased salaries and increased potential salaries - say council bosses.

They say Unite the Union signed this agreement with the council but by proposing to take this action are disregarding it and the principles the council applies to collective bargaining.

The claim Unite the Union has presented misleading information and has claimed the council are reducing pay, which is not the case.

A council spokesman said: “The council’s position remains that Unite the Union’s officials should wait for formal proposals to be presented and engage in constructive discussions based on fact.

“There is no justification for pre-empting these discussions and no basis for Unite the Union to declare a dispute. Thurrock Council invites Unite the Union to cancel the ballot and join management in meaningful consultation.”