ESSEX residents have wracked up more than 500 Covid-related fines since the begining of March.

The figures, released today, show that Essex had one of the higher numbers of fines for breaches of Covid restrictions in England.

The country is in lockdown, meaning people must stay at home unless going out for essential journeys such as getting food, medicine, caring for others or working if they cannot work from home.

Here is the full rundown of the fines issued between March 27 and December 20, 2020.

  • Avon and Somerset: 610  
  • Bedfordshire: 321
  • British Transport Police (BTP): 452
  • Cambridgeshire: 280
  • Cheshire: 440
  • City of London: 86
  • Cleveland: 313
  • Cumbria: 941
  • Derbyshire: 301
  • Devon and Cornwall: 1,233
  • Dorset: 1,010
  • Durham: 253
  • Essex: 505

The figures come after Essex Police said they would take enforcement action against those flouting the rules.

Essex Police has said it will continue to use the four Es approach – engage, explain, encourage and enforce.