AN ambitious Basildon actor is hoping for his big break with his upcoming film which looks at crippling mental health issues through lockdown.

Tony Curl, 32, who has been an actor for ten years, is hoping to be a hit at major film festivals across Europe in “The Road to Somewhere”.

The film looks at the lead character’s journey through lockdown, uncovering mental health issues and trying to navigate through them.

Mr Curl said: “It all starts off from the original start of lockdown. He loses his girlfriend and a few loved ones. He starts losing his mind and goes through a really dark place and realises mental health problems he didn’t know he had.

“He goes through a really dark and dangerous stage but he does come out of the other side. It shows both sides of mental health.

“We want to encourage people to come out more and talk about it. The motto really is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Tony wrote the script alongside Rowan Letlow. The pair got talking at a photo shoot in September last year and decided to form a partnership to create the film.

They hope to start filming in the spring providing Covid restrictions allow them to, with an aim to have the film ready by summer.

The film looks at mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and paranoia, and sees Tony shave his head.

Mr Curl added: “I’ve been an actor for over ten years and I’ve never played a role like this before.

“I’ve been talking to lots of people with mental health issues and trying to understand it and get into the character.

“I was asking people what their experiences were and what they’ve been through.

“I’m excited. It’s good to broaden the horizon. I’ve only really played the same role so it’s good to get out of my comfort zone and do something different.

“In the film I’m going to cut my hair for real. I’m growing my hair at the minute.

“There’s not really many films that show mental health issues.

“I thought it could relate quite a bit to a lot of people.”

He has big plans for the film, with ambitions to send it to all the major film festivals, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

“I’m going to send it to the major film festivals like Cannes film festival and from there we’ll try to get it onto Netflix or maybe Amazon Prime.

“We’re just going to try and submit it all over Europe.

“If it goes well the possibilities are endless really.

“I do this part-time at the moment because it’s not quite worked out.

“I’d want to go full time eventually – that’s my dream.”