WORRIED parents have issued an appeal for help after their teenage daughter went missing in the early hours of the morning.

Olivia Slater, aged 14, is believed to have left her mother’s home in Manor Road, Dovercourt, between 5am and 7am on Tuesday.

Police are investigating.

The schoolgirl, who has been described as being about 5ft tall and of slim build, is said to have gone missing on at least two separate occasions in the past.

But this time, her parents say she left a note in which she apologised before saying she was heading to Halifax to “sort myself out” having ended a relationship.

Despite claiming to be travelling to the northern town, Olivia’s location remains unknown and it is also believed she could have gone to stay in Clacton.

Thurrock Gazette:

Olivia, who is also known as Olivia Smith, is believed to be with a boy who is aged 15.

Her father Michael Slater, said he has struggled to sleep since her disappearance and is now urging her to come home to safety.

He said: “I am feeling distraught to be honest and I would just like her to come to my home.

“I love her and I just want my daughter home.”

Her heartbroken mother Sammy Smith has also pleaded with Olivia to come back as soon as possible.

She says she is currently stricken with fear due to not knowing where her daughter could be or the type of people she is with.

She said: “I am really worried about her and I just want her to come home where she is safe and to stop going missing.

“I love her very much and I just want her to come home and stay with her family that loves her so much.

“I am really concerned as I don’t know where she is and I don’t know the people she is with either.

“There is no reason for her to leave.”

The sudden disappearance of Olivia, who attends the Harwich and Dovercourt High School, is now being investigated by officers from Essex Police.

The force has urged anyone with any information or who sees Olivia to contact Essex Police by calling 101.

Alternatively, Mr Slater has also asked anyone who sees Olivia to get in touch with him by calling 07549850094.