We could all do with a break at the moment.

With the festive season fast approaching, Christmas is set to be a little different.

But you can still take advantage of a well earned break.

Given how 2020 has played out the likelihood is you may have some leave left to play with.

If you want to take full advantage of the break, then thanks to the way Christmas falls this year you could get ten days off with just three days of annual leave.

When does Christmas fall this year?

Christmas Day is on a Friday this year.

As a result it means you will get the bank holiday for Boxing Day on Monday, December 28.

New Year's Day also falls on a Friday.

How to maximise your leave

Assuming you work a normal Monday to Friday week, you would be able to take off three days and have a ten day break.

You just need to take off:

Tuesday 29 December to Thursday 31 December (and hope you beat your colleagues to the dates.)

This is how your calendar would look:

Friday December 25 - Christmas Day

Saturday December 26 - Boxing Day (weekend)

Sunday December 27 - Weekend

Monday December 28 - Boxing Day bank holiday (substitute)

Tuesday December 29 - Take annual leave

Wednesday December 30 - Take annual leave

Tuesday December 31 - Take annual leave

Friday January 1 2021 - New Year’s Day

Saturday January 2 - Weekend

Sunday January 3 - Weekend

Monday January 4 - Back to work