LANDOWNERS who carried out an unauthorised development on green belt land have been halted in their tracks.

Thurrock Council has obtained a final court order preventing unauthorised development on land to the north of Buckles Lane.

The council took legal action after hardstanding and septic tanks were built on green belt land north of Buckles Lane without planning permission.

The council also took legal action concerning land to the south of Buckles Lane and has been granted an interim injunction in relation to that land.

A court order, which was granted following hearings which took place on October 27 and 30, ordered that David Albert Remblance, Glenn Remblance and Dean Albert Remblance also had to re-seed the land, returning it to its previous green belt condition.

The court also awarded the council costs.

They have been ordered to pay £30,000 with a assessment to be carried out to decide how much they should pay of the remaining £21,000 of the council’s costs.

Leader of Thurrock Council, Rob Gledhill, said: “This legal action shows how seriously we take the issue of unauthorised development and demonstrates we will take effective legal measures to prevent and rectify further damage to the green belt around Buckles Lane.”