Several parts of south Essex are set to become coronavirus hotspots in the next two weeks, according to an interactive map.

The tool, created by experts at Imperial College London, shows areas of the country currently considered as hotspots, as well as projections for the next two weeks. 

Basildon is the only area in south Essex currently categorised as a hotspot, and it will remain that way until October 25. 

But Castle Point and Thurrock, both considered medium risk at the moment, are expected to become hotspots within the next two weeks according to the projections.

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Southend is considered to be medium risk and is expected to remain that way. 

While Rochford is currently ranked as being low risk, and is expected to remain in the low risk section in coming weeks. 

The team at Imperial College London define a 'hotspot' as a local authority where there are more than 50 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 of the population per week.

Imperial College London said: "For future weeks, we give probabilities based on our model, which assumes a situation in which no change in interventions (e.g. local lockdowns) occur. To define weeks we use specimen dates, ie the day on which tests are taken."

Data on daily reported cases and weekly reported deaths is used along with “mathematical modelling” to report on the probability that a local authority will become a 'hotspot' in the following week.

Local authorities with a 75 to 100 percent chance of being 'hotspot' areas appear in red on a map of the UK.

By October 25, many parts of the UK show as 'hot spot' areas.