The body of a missing Basildon hiker has been found in New Zealand, police have confirmed.

Stephanie Simpson, 32, is believed to have gone on a hike last weekend in Mount Aspiring National Park, in the country's South Island.

Stephanie was reported missing on Monday, and the discovery was made at about 1.40pm (New Zealand time) on Friday in the Pyke Creek area, New Zealand Police said.

A thermal-imaging drone, dog teams, helicopter and search teams couldn't find any sign of her on Thursday and police in New Zealand had said the search was difficult due to the size and terrain of the area.

Police have confirmed that a "pack" and pair of boots which were thought to be hers were found, before the body was discovered.

Sergeant Mark Kirkwood, from West Coast Search and Rescue, said: "The police would like to thank all those involved in the search for their considerable efforts.

"The search was extremely challenging at times, especially in consideration of the terrain, and the work of all involved is to be commended.

"Police extend their condolences to Stephanie's family at this tragic time."