THE Times They Are a-Changin’, famously sang the finest singer/song writer of all time, namely Bob Dylan.

A legendary track released 56, yes 56, years ago...can you believe.

And the words ring as true today as they no doubt did then.

Because you can’t escape it, change that is.

You don’t need me to tell you the way communities are receiving their news is changing too. And will continue to do so.

Here at the Gazette, now in our 136th year, we’re incredibly proud of the service we have provided the residents of Thurrock. And we want to stay ahead of the game.

And today, we are in a position where we can provide you with more up-to-date, up-to-the-minute news than ever before through our website and social media channels which go from strength to strength, month to month, week to week.

Yet focus still remains on our bread and butter - our printed product. But here comes a big change... from this week your Gazette will no longer be delivered to homes, but instead be available to be picked up for free at key, and convenient, pick-up points in and around the borough.

We know this is quite a change, but for those of you who have struggled to get a regular copy of your Gazette this is intended to make sure a copy can get in your hands, without fail, on a weekly basis.

Yes, times are changing, but with a more widely available paper twinned with an up-to-the-minute online commitment, hopefully they are changing for the better.

Confirmed pick up points so far consist of:

  • Aveley Library, Purfleet Road
  • Londis Aveley Supermarket, Romford Road
  • Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside, The Springhouse Club, Springhouse Road
  • Corringham Post Office, St Johns Way
  • Corringham Library, St Johns Way
  • Eagle News, Grover Walk
  • East Tilbury Library - Princess Avenue
  • East Tilbury Post Office, Unit 2-3. Stanford House Princess Margaret Rd
  • Impulse Leisure Centre, Blackshots Lane
  • Blackshots Library,  Blackshots Lane
  • Mistry News Agents, Blackshots Lane
    • Chadwell Library Information Centre
    • Sandmartin Pub, Drake Road
    • News and Booze Post Office, Lenthall Avenue
    • Dave Sterling Car Care, Southend Road
    • The Treacle Mine Pub, Lodge Lane
    • TCG Co-op MM Mainstream, Lodge Lane
    • SRI GANESHA NEWS, London Road
    • Thurrock Post Office, Dock Road
    • Purfleet Community Hub, RIver Court, Centurion Way
    • Belhus Library South Ockendon Centre , Derry Avenue
    • Thurrock Garden Centre, South Road
    • Stanford-le-Hope Library, High Street
    • Homestead Stores, Turold Road

More pick up points will be announced in coming weeks.