A SUPERMARKET has launched an investigation after suspected heroin use in its car park.

A family walking through the Asda car park at Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon, spotted the activity which has raised concerns for shoppers’ safety.

It is feared the area is becoming a magnet for rough sleeping and drug use with claims more needs to be done to secure the area.

Carolyn Smith, witnessed an incident at the weekend where a man appeared to be setting up “to inject”.

She said: “I walked through there last Saturday about 7pm with my kids.

“I put them in the car by the ramp and as I looked up someone appeared looking like they were setting up to inject.

“My kids saw him and said ‘what is he doing?’ and I just said he is poorly and taking medicine.

“I really don’t think they care about people seeing them, even children.

“Security need to be keeping a closer eye on this area especially if they are leaving their needles afterwards, that is just disgusting.”

A shopper, who found a needle on Tuesday, said: “I found this around 4.30pm but I’d walked past the same spot about two hours before and it wasn’t there then.

“I don’t care what drug users do, just keep clean, what if a kid picks it up?”

Basildon Mayor David Burton-Sampson, said: “It’s very concerning that drug use is happening in such a public place.

“There is support available for those who are in those situations and I would encourage them to seek help.

“Sometimes they need steering on that pathway and there are lots of people out there ready and willing to do that.”

He defended the police and said he is aware of lots of work to both help people and stop this happening in the town.

A spokesman for Asda, said: “We work hard to maintain the high standards of cleanliness our customers expect, including regular sweeps of our car parks, and we are looking into the concerns raised on social media about the car park at this Basildon store with the local authorities.”