ESSEX has been named the third luckiest place to live in the UK.

The lottery has more than three million players, with 8,220,222 prizes won in 2018.

Winning postcodes are announced every day and prizes range from £10 to £3million.

Online housing agent investigated which areas of the UK has the most frequent winners.

By gathering data from winners of the first day of each month since January 1, 2018, discovered postcodes starting with ‘S’ win most frequently in the £1,000 daily prize and those beginning with ‘B’ are second most frequent.

Postcodes starting with J, U, and Z are the least likely to pick up a prize in this category.

The areas most likely to win the £1,000 daily prize (in order) are Greater London, Greater Manchester, Essex, West Yorkshire, Kent, West Midlands & Merseyside, South Yorkshire, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Devon.