A MUM is hoping to make her sick daughter’s wishes come true after being told a heart condition could prove fatal.

Little Rosie Kirkman, four, had open-heart surgery lasting nine hours at just five-days-old. However, this was only the start of Rosie’s health problems.

Thurrock Gazette:

Rosie - full of life

Thurrock Gazette:

Close - Rosie and her big sister, Emma, nine

As well as Rosie’s heart condition - aortic stenosis - the brave girl was also diagnosed with a rare genetic condition - KGB Syndrome - when she was two. Only 200 people in the world have been diagnosed with it.

A heart scan has now revealed Rosie’s heart condition - a heart valve disease which causes narrowing of the aortic valve opening - has worsened, putting her at high risk of having a stroke.

Rosie’s mum, Pamela Kirkman, 45, from Laindon, said: “Rosie’s cardiologist said the stenosis has got a lot worse and she is due to have a specialist heart scan within the next three-months. She will have to be put to sleep for it.

“More open-heart surgery is on the cards but this is very risky for Rosie.

“She is now at high risk for a stroke or worse.”

Rosie’s heart condition means she is fed through a tube with high-calorie milk. She has never eaten or drank in her life.

Rosie is smaller than other four-year-olds and is more comparable to a two-year-old.

She struggles to put on weight because of the heart condition and the KBG Syndrome.

Rosie has the developmental age of an 18-month-old and is in a disability pushchair as she struggles to walk because her bones aren’t growing quick enough.

Pamela added: “It is hard for us but when Rosie smiles, we smile and have the strength to carry on. She has a zest for life, is very chatty and bossy.” KBG causes skeletal abnormality in people and slows mineralisation of the bones. Mental and movement abilities are also delayed.

Pamela and her husband, John, 43 - who also have three other daughters, Charlotte, 25, Emma, nine, and Ruby, one - have organised Rosie’s Christmas Ball on Saturday December 21 to raise money for Rosie’s Memory List.

So far, Basildon Round Table have funded a Peppa Pig Show. Rosie is hoping to be able to do a toy dash at any toy store and visit Cbeebies Land.

Go to gofundme.com/f/rosie039s-memory-list.