WATER was thrown on a train passenger by a beggar after she refused to give him money.

Passengers last week complained about beggars being overly aggressive and c2c not doing enough to solve the problem.

It has since emerged a regular commuter had water thrown over her by an aggressive beggar.

It has also been confirmed, this week, that transport police have increased patrols on the trains.

Sue Roebuck, who was travelling to London from Pitsea on November 5 at 5.45pm, told the Echo how she refused to give the man money several times before he covered her in water.

The 58-year-old, said: “I saw him coming down the carriages. Unfortunately the other passengers got off at the next stop, leaving me by myself in the carriage. He then targeted me.

“He asked me if he could read a poem or sing a song for money. I said no. He then just asked me for money. I refused again.

“He then got confrontational and aggressive and asked me where I donate my money to.

“A woman in the other carriage heard what was going on and told him to leave me alone.

“As he was getting off the train at Fenchurch Street, he then threw his cup of water over me.

“I was so shocked.”

As a result of recent complaints by passengers, police have increased patrols on c2c trains. BTP Essex tweeted: “We’re aware of beggars operating on c2c trains.

“With BTP London we’re increasing uniform and plain clothes patrols to tackle this issue.

“Passengers can us help by not giving beggars any money. Give to a registered charity if inclined to do so, and text us on 61016 should you see them”

Ms Roebuck added: “There will need to be police on every single carriage.

“They will never be caught.

“They just train hop and jump over the lines.”

A spokesman for c2c indicated that the beggars rarely have a valid ticket.

He said: “We are continuing to work closely with the British Transport Police as well as several local homeless charities to address this issue.

“We also advise customers not to give beggars money directly, but instead to make a donation to our partner homelessness charities if they wish, like Harp Southend or the Whitechapel Mission.

“We are now making tannoy announcements at our stations to this effect.”