AGGRESSIVE beggars are intimidating passengers on c2c trains, sparking numerous complaints.

The beggars are approaching passengers on trains to and from Southend and London ‘on a daily basis’ it has been reported.

According to regular train users, the problem has been worsening over the past year.

One passenger, who travels from Benfleet to Liverpool Street, told the Echo that she dreads getting on the train before and after work. The 46-year-old, said: “Every day they are there and it’s the same people every time.

“They get right into your face.

“It’s really quite intimidating.

“It’s getting to the point of harassment now.

“Commuters are feeling unsafe as a result of what they’re doing.

“People just say to say no thank you but it’s hard when they come right into your face.

“I’ve been approached by two men at once when I’ve been alone in a carriage. They shouldn’t be approaching women who are by themselves in a train carriage.”

The regular commuter, who works in London, questioned c2c’s response to the beggars. She said: “It’s unacceptable.

“It’s worse when passengers pay a fortune for tickets and the beggars may be just getting on for free.

“C2c are not doing anything at all. They’re promoting criminal activity on their train line.

“Passengers should not be made to feel unsafe on their trains.

“The service is poor enough as it is. They need to step up and sort it out. It’s a scary situation and it’s getting out of control at the moment.

“There won’t be an overnight fix, but something needs to be done about the problem.”

She added that the beggars’ stories are constantly changing: “I don’t believe that most of them are even homeless. If you give money to them, you don’t know where it’s going.

“Their stories are all similar to one another and are changing all the time.

“They’re all well-rehearsed stories but people want to and do believe them.

“If you want to donate to a good cause, donate to a charity or a homeless charity.

“That way you know where the money is going.

A spokesman for c2c, said: “Customers who encounter begging or anti-social behaviour should text the British Transport Police on 61016.”