A HAUL of weapons, fake cash and cannabis was seized during a raid at a home.

Officers rushed to the property in Cranfield Court, Market Avenue, Wickford.

The weapons including an axe, large knives and tools, were discovered along with the cannabis and the fake money.

Following the incident at the home, a man has been dealt with for possession of cannabis.

The officers took to social media to post about the incident.

A spokesman for the Basildon Community Policing Team said: “Officers from the town centre team have completed a warrant under the misuse of drugs act just off of Wickford high street.

“This was a positive warrant as a quantity of cannabis, counterfeit cash and strategically placed weapons have been seized from the address.

“Officers were able to obtain this warrant from intelligence submitted by the public and officer development.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “A man has been reported for possession of cannabis.”

Residents have praised the team for swift action and for taking more drugs, weapons and fake cash off the streets.

Becky Wilson, 33, of Guernsey Gardens, Wickford, said: “I am proud of all the police and the hard work that they all do.

“We must be thankful to the police for all their great work.

“I also think this is a fantastic example of the public and police doing great work together to keep our streets and town safer.

“I also think it’s pretty scary that officers found these weapons.

“We need to be shouting about the great work our police are doing to keep us safe.”

Robert Gilson, 58, of Edward Gardens, Wickford, said: “Well done to the police, this will help reassure residents and make us feel much safer.

“It shows the police are doing all they can do to keep us safe.

He added: “I am pleased the officers took swift action in this case.”