A PERVERT grabbed a teenage girl and kissed her on the neck outside his home.

Jonathan Bose approached the young girl on Cliff Road, Leigh, on Tuesday at around 1pm, having asked her to join him for a pot of tea inside his house.

The girl tried to keep away from him, saying she needed to find her mother.

However, the 54-year-old wouldn’t take no for an answer and grabbed her by the hand.

He then told her she was “beautiful” and had a “great body” and kissed her on the neck.

The girl, who is aged over 16, tried to tell Bose that she was only 15 in a bid to deflect his attentions.

She was then able to pull away from him and walk up the road, but he followed her, saying that he would “really like to make love to her”.

The girl asked Bose for his name and address, which he gave to her, and she reported him to the police, who arrested him later that afternoon.

Bose appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court yesterday where he admitted one count of sexual assault.

Prosecuting, Gareth Hunter said: “The girl was gripped with fear by the encounter and was very shaken.

“She said she was horrified by the incident.

“During the police interview, Bose described his behaviour as regretful and that he rushed into it without thinking it through.

“A young lady here has been approached and sexually assault, she was frozen in fear.”

Bose and his victim did not know each other, as the assault resulted from a random encounter as the girl was just walking by his home.

The court heard Bose is a long time sufferer of bi-polar disorder and takes regular medication and is visited by a carer three-times-a-day.

The magistrates’ bench deemed that Bose was fully aware of what he was doing during the assault and that it was a serious crime.

His sentencing has been adjourned until November 29 at the same court.

Bose was released on conditional bail, meaning he must check in at the police station in three days’ time and he is not to make any contact with the victim.

He appeared in a blue jumper, and waved goodbye to all of the court staff as he was released.