THERE really are some questionable programmes around.

Mostly involving celebrities - tenuous ones I do not recognise.

This might be because the latest category to issue forth willing victims to try learning new skills etc consists of social media influencers.

If you are aged been 10 and about 25, possibly pushing it slightly upwards, then you will be fluent in this sort of discussion.

But I had no clue who Saffron Barker was before she teamed up with AJ on Strictly.

Ditto half the passengers on the latest edition of Celebrity Road Trip.

But with so many of these types of show relying on vaguely well-known types being involved, the pool of talent, for want of a better word, is becoming somewhat small.

Hence, amongst the bloggers and vloggers is often a smattering of one-hit wonders from the 90s.

I had to explain who Cleopatra were, for example, since they currently occupy a seat on Brendan’s fun bus.

probably not for much longer since they are proving fairly difficult to like.

Former Love Islander, Loyal as she may be, does not appear to have hit it off with them.

One of the sisters accidentally hit another passenger in the head with a paint ball at close range during an activity and they seemed to completely bypass how this must have affected her and zoned straight in on how no-one seemed to be acknowledging how awful it must have made her feel.

Watching these programmes is like immediately being beamed back to secondary school.

None of the behaviours appear to have moved on.

The backstabbing and talking behind backs is vicious - they all seem so keen to stay on that bus when presumably they will get paid either way.

I spent the whole time I watched the one episode I was encouraged to sit through, with the 12-year-old, wondering if this was better or worse than the Circle.

At least they talk directly to each other.

The Circle is great entertainment but it makes me feel lonely just watching them sat in their apartments essentially talking to themselves.

I am sure, a la Love Island, there is a day off. It couldn’t be good for mental health to be sitting alone for all those weeks.

Coach Trip probably demonstrates how too much contact with other people might not be such a good thing either - when package holidays go bad.

We all enjoy watching a fall-out but too much of it is a bit wearing.

Thankfully Geordie Shore alumni, now a veteran of reality TV, Vicky Pattinson was there to inject a bit of humour into proceedings.

Contrary to the hard-boozing ladette image she contrived in her earlier days, Vicky is actually pretty canny.

A friend of mine from the north east says it is widely known she was a model pupil, earning herself extremely good A-levels.

Anyway, I endured said episode and explained who Cleopatra were then succeeded in getting the television turned over to Antiques Roadshow.

Yes, I have reached the point in my life where I am genuinely interested in seeing if the tatty piece of bric-a-brac passed down by Auntie Brenda is actually a mega bucks item the likes of which the excited expert has never seen.

How many declared far too precious to sell actually go straight to auction ?