Like the letter writer last week (Sept 26th), we have been plagued by smoke pollution in the Stanford/Corringham area.

In conversations it has become apparent that the effect has been across the whole area and was particularly noticeable during the hot weather when everyone had windows open all day and night. We also suffered sore throats & watery eyes.

From the scale of it, this is obviously an industrial problem rather than a random bonfire. I contacted Thurrock Council who were less than helpful. Effectively, I reached a call centre and was given a reference number.

The member of staff said they need complainants to ‘identify the source.’ On that scale, that’s difficult. They don’t have mobile inspectors who can investigate either!

A few years ago, a company in the Orsett area had a fire that burned for weeks subjecting the affecting areas to very similar effect. I would have thought some enquiries in that area might have produced answers.

It is appalling that we are the victims of illegal activities & our council are reluctant or unable to protect us.

S DUGGAN Branksome Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope