If there is one message I receive loudly and clearly from the doorsteps it is this. Let’s get Brexit done. The days are ticking down towards Halloween and Ministers are shuttling around Europe in pursuit of a deal.

But the biggest challenge is not securing agreement in Europe. It is securing agreement in Parliament. In the nine and a half years that I have served as an MP I have never felt more disappointed by the behaviour of some MPs. Since becoming Prime MInister Boris Johnson has lost every vote. It is impossible to get anything done. This paralysis can only be resolved by a General Election. But opposition MPs won’t let that happen.

It is leading to ugly scenes in Parliament. And unsurprisingly many people are becoming frustrated with their politicians. This is not good for democracy.

Having said all of that, I have been very touched by the messages I receive when out and about and you do confirm to me that you all want this done. I have voted to leave the EU in every Parliamentary vote since the instruction you gave me in that referendum. I will do so again when Boris brings back his deal. We won’t be able to leave unless Labour MPs vote for it too. It is time that Labour put politics aside and delivered what they promised to do at the last General Election. Otherwise we won’t leave at all.

When we put the question to the public in a referendum it is an issue of trust that we deliver on it. I will continue to do all I can to make sure we do leave by Halloween.