IT takes a certain level of trust and respect for others for us to all be able to live happily together without rubbing each other up the wrong way.

Some of us, sadly, just don’t care about the mess they leave and the impact it has.

It is encouraging to hear that Thurrock Council is considering taking a harder-line approach to flytipping by releasing images of people who are caught on camera dumping their unwanted rubbish.

There can be no excuse for the selfish act of dumping your unwanted furniture or building materials where it will upset or inconvenience others, and it is about time these people are publicly shamed and identified.

It seems impossible nowadays to go for a walk in the woods with the family without coming across somebody’s unwanted matress of a big pile of rubble that has been left there by some uncaring individual.

It’s about time these people were shamed into changing their ways, and the Thurrock Gazette will be happy to play its part in publishing the CCTV pictures.

On a similar note, a man has been forced to pay out more than £600 after moving a fence that was put in place to prevent travellers from setting up camp in East Tilbury.

The council believes its new injunction preventing illegal encampments will put an end to travellers pitching up illegally.

Time will tell.