Is it me, or are our duly elected Members of Parliament going into a paranoiac meltdown?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson instigates a perfectly legal prorogation of Parliament for a month, with The Queen’s approval.

All Parties are having their annual conferences this month, which means that Parliament is only closed for an extra four days.

All the time this is going on, the EU will sit back and watch the squabbling with glee. What the squabbling idiots cannot see is that Mr Johnson has sent a clear and unequivocal message to the EU, that he is not Teresa May and fully intends to leave the EU, with or without a deal, the deal has been put in their court to make, not for the UK to grovel to them.

This should have been the stance right from the beginning, but sadly Mrs May tried to placate remainers and leavers at the same time, and also keeping the EU happy by letting them keep holding the reins.

It saddens me when people say, “the EU gives grants to Farmers etc, they will lose that”.

The EU is only giving some of the money back that we have given them. Along with most things, we pay, they give some back, and then keep the rest, to disappear in accounts that have not been audited for the last 20 odd years, as no self respecting accountancy company will approve the accounts and jeopardise their good name.

Yes, if we leave, payments will have to be made towards already agreed arrangements, such as some buildings, pensions etc, but nowhere near the figures that doom and gloomers are spouting.

Johnson is a bit of a buffoon, but he has thrown the gauntlet down which nobody else had the courage to do.

ALAN KNIGHT Princess Margaret Road, Tilbury