THURROCK'S MP has thrown her support behind prime minister Boris Johnson.

Jackie-Doyle Price has voiced support for her leader following his defeat in Parliament to secure a general election before the UK leaves the European Union next month.

She said: "We must leave on the 31st October, one way or another.

"I have seen the Prime Minister and I am utterly persuaded of his determination to get a deal. Like I have said before, No deal is not without risk. But delay will just cause uncertainty for business. Business needs clarity about the terms it will be trading under.

"Without clarity about when we leave and under what terms then Businesses cannot plan. Continued delay without an end date seriously risks costing jobs.

"So this Prime Minister has made clear he is not going to play that game any longer. Good on him. If Parliament tie his hands he will go to the country in a General Election. And good on him.

"Every election in Thurrock is a fight. But that is politics. We all have our own convictions and beliefs. We advance them and the electorate takes their choice.

"But it is abundantly clear, the Labour Party, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats will do everything they can to make sure we remain in the European Union and this situation cannot continue. By the time you read this column they may have blinked. If they haven’t then it is over to you to cast your votes to leave with the Conservatives or remain with Labour."