I READ with interest your article regarding air pollution in Thurrock in last week’s Gazette.

Thurrock is known to have the second worst pollution statistics in the country with only London registering lower.

Living near Tudor Court Primary School and with an asthma diagnosis, I am horrified on a daily basis as to why so many parents see fit to park up for up to an hour every morning and afternoon with their engines running which is against the law, but sadly not enforced.

This action is totally unnecessary and only serves to add to pollution levels.

It is unfortunate such behaviour means we are unable to sit or work in the garden or have windows open during the school runs.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that many of these vehicles possess start/stop technology which obviously drivers are choosing to over-ride thus defeating the object and purpose of the technology.

In order to support your article, may I suggest a visit to Tudor Court during the school run may prove beneficial? In addition, the cost of running the engines of such large vehicle must be enormous.

Sadly such parents are failing miserably to heed the message and continue to damage the health, especially lungs, of their own children, especially those with asthma of which there must be a significant number.

JOHN FRANKLIN Chafford Hundred