I SEE this year’s Queen’s birthday honours list again contains many people who have received awards for just doing their job, such as the HMRC and MI5/6 employees.

But what beggars belief with all that has happened, is there are a number of politicians on the list, why?

Well we all know 17.41 million voted to leave the EU, no if ’s no buts’ and here we are almost three years down the line and we have not yet left.

This is down to most MPs who have treated the 33.55 million with utter contempt, most having gone back on their word.

What is more alarming is that they don’t appear to understand why people are so annoyed or maybe they think we are all just plebs.

Then we had the European elections and a massive vote for the Brexit Party, but again MPs appear to be in their own world.

Then over the weekend there was talk of shutting down parliament so the Government could get the Brexit bill through, and suddenly MPs are jumping about shouting it is not democratic, you couldn’t make it up.