THE mum of murdered Danielle Jones has said she does not want the schoolgirl’s killer to be released from prison in two years’ time if he does not reveal where her body is.

Linda Jones has spoken out again, urging her daughter’s killer and uncle Stuart Campbell to reveal the location of her body.

The plea comes just a week after news broke that a new law could be introduced which would prevent “no body” killers from being paroled.

Danielle’s mother, Linda Jones, said she backs Helen’s Law, named after murdered Helen McCourt, which aims to prevent parole for killers who refuse to reveal the location of their victim’s body.

Mrs Jones told the BBC: “It is up to him really, a big part of us thinks we will never know.

“But Helen’s Law gives us a chance, possibly. Knowing the sort of character he is a big part of me realised he wouldn’t, but it is like dangling a carrot.

“That’s the one thing that still disturbs me quite a bit, not knowing where she is.

“I may never know where my daughter is.”

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for Basildon and East Thurrock, has backed the law and said he is in talks with the Justice Department to determine the next steps.

He added: “I’ve been campaigning for this for some time now and met with justice minister Rory Stewart just last month to check on the progress being made. I am absolutely delighted that one of his last acts before he moved on was to get things in motion to bring this new law into affect. I am waiting to hear back about exactly what the next stage is. I’ve put calls in to see if we need a new parliamentary law or whether we can bring it in as a new amendment to existing legislation.

“If it’s the latter then hopefully we can bring it in sooner rather than later. But the fact the ball is rolling now is a very welcome step indeed and I’m delighted with the news.”

Danielle Jones was last seen on Monday June 18, 2001, at around 8am, when she left her home in East Tilbury to catch the bus to school.

Her uncle, Stuart Campbell, was convicted of murder in December 2002 and jailed for life but her body has never been found.

MPs voted in favour of Helen’s Law in 2016 and last week, the Echo reported that Justice Secretary David Gauke said his team are preparing legislation which would give the parole board more powers to refuse parole applications from “no body” killers.

The progress left Mrs Jones feeling optimistic that it may be in place before Campbell is up before the parole board within the next two years.

In 2017, officers from Essex Police dug up some garages near the home where Danielle’s killer once lived, believing her body may have been buried there.

But after a five-day search no trace of her was found.