SOME admirable, and very brave, behaviour has been championed in this week’s Gazette... and rightly so.

The actions of five members of the public were commended by the police Chief Constable for the way they responded when faced with violence while going about their everyday business.

They came across a vicious street row, involving armed thugs, yet between them they not only managed to break it up, but restrain one of the main protagonists too until police arrived.

Chief constable BJ Harrington summed it up: “Ordinary individuals taking extraordinary steps to help save the lives of others, protect the vulnerable and keep the people of Essex safe.”

He also enjoyed rewarding one of his own officers this week too, who saved not just one, but two lives.

PC Kyle Denning was the hero. Along with PC Emma McIntyre-Major and PC Bradley Brown he performed life-saving CPR on an elderly man who was dying at the side of the road.

That day he was on duty, but he also saved a life off-duty.

When he was out with his family he came across a woman about to jump from a bridge onto the busy M20. He selflessly climbed over the barrier and talked with her, keeping her calm, until help arrived.

It’s good to report people who make a real difference are getting the recognition they richly deserve.