AN infectious South Woodham Ferrers entertainer has bowed out of Britain's Got Talent at the semi final stage.

Graeme Mathews, 34, again was greeted with a standing ovation after his routine that saw him take 'Magic' Amanda Holden's Christian Louboutin heel, burn it to a cinder and bring it back to its original state.

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

However, sadly, despite placing in the top three thanks to the public vote, Mr Mathews was topped by magician, Ben Hart, who will take his place in the final on on Sunday June 2.

Mr Mathews, also known as the children's entertainer Bam Bam captured the hearts and minds of the nation in his audition which saw him encourage Amanda to tip what she believed was a full cup of water over her head.

Thankfully, his "glamorous assistant" was not soaked in the original act.

Mr Mathews had taken a big step up in his semi final performance, addressing the audience saying: "It's lovely to be here tonight, my face looked pretty big on that screen didn't it.

"I normally just do auditions so this is massive for me."

Dancing to the song, We No Speak Americano, made famous by The Inbetweeners Movie, Mr Mathews performed a host of "semi-professional" magic tricks, which included tearing up a piece of paper, shovelling it in to his mouth, and then bring out what the audience believed to be the same piece out of his mouth a moment later.

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

He got a big laugh when he revealed the remains of the sheet he had torn up in the moments prior.

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

His deliberately clumsy performance brought joy to all four of the star judges; Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams.

However, there was a look of concern of their faces when Graeme approached them.

He said: "Now judges you all look lovely, stunning and beautiful."

Mr Mathews walked to the judges' table, clutching a silver briefcase, then he directly addressed a concerned Amanda, who had already played a part in his tricks during the show.

He added: "I did notice when you walked in tonight you all looked good, all of you, even you (pointing at Simon Cowell).

"But Amanda, you had a little bit of dirt on your left shoe, and you're letting the side down."

Mr Mathews then 'borrowed' Amanda's left shoe which he said he would clean "using magic".

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

After the request, a nervous Amanda knocked over a bottle of water placed on the judges' table.

She said: "You are going to be nice to my shoe, that is a week's wages."

Again, Mr Mathews attempted to calm Amanda, saying: "Trust me Amanda, I am a magician."

He placed the shoe into a box and manoeuvred into another routine of fire eating, which saw the box containing the shoe catch fire, burning the shoe.

Amanda's face turned from laughter to concern as she watched her shoe go up in flames.

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

Mr Mathews said: "Now I will be honest, that did not go to plan."

He jested with Amanda, saying if she checked her left foot the shoe would be back on her left foot, which of course, it was not.

He made the shoe "disappear" and returned to the case he had placed on the judges' table.

After opening a few more briefcases inside the largest one, he revealed Amanda's red soled Louboutin shoe, good as new.

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

The audience cheered and all stood in applause of the comedian, who although he hasn't won the competition, has been a fan favourite throughout.

Thurrock Gazette: Photo: ITVPhoto: ITV

To watch Graeme's full performance, click here.