Several years ago a home owner decided to pay for professional tree surgeons to come and remove a large tree in his front garden.

He was subsequently taken to court by Thurrock Council and there was much hullabaloo as the council was not going to tolerate trees being cut down willy nilly, stating that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The person concerned was duly fined and had to pay costs as well.

Now, twelve plus fully grown trees have been cut down that have been in situ for the best part of forty plus years to make way for eighteen homes.

Due to the location, it would have been far better to have left the trees and put in a roundabout, that in years to come will be needed for the amount of new homes continuously being built in East Tilbury, and what is projected to come which are still in the planning stage.

In a space of one hundred yards or so there are four roads entering one, plus two factory unit road entering/ exiting the same road, plus the amount of straight through traffic for the school and recycling tip along with Coalhouse Fort and residents of the village.

As for all the fuss made years ago about one person cutting down a tree, quoting carbon dioxide etc, it seems one rule for them, and none for the residents that have to suffer increasing HGV movements, increased car traffic due to new homes, and as for the carbon dioxide absorption from traffic twelve trees, it will not make much difference will it?

apart from another eighteen homes with gas central heating and boilers, adding already to the atmosphere right near a school, but not to worry though, as long it is not happening in their back yard.


Princess Margaret Road,

East Tilbury