I have listened to and seen the numerous rash decisions of our political betters on their interpretation of what is best for the people of Thurrock especially on the issue of health services, going back to the decision to close Orsett Hospital, a place of excellent care and very professional people.

As a sop part of the original was revamped and kept for the people of Thurrock.

This facility is both local and well-regarded and used extensively, meeting the needs of the community.

But this counts for nothing for our short-sighted politicians who wish to close the site and sell it for building, creating so-called hubs of care instead dotted around Thurrock.

There is little or no consultation with the community for their views on this which is already being implemented.

How are they to be staffed, a huge problem for the NHS.

Thurrock has an ageing population, a large number with failing sight being cared for admirably by the staff at the eye department of Orsett Hospital.

If it goes all facilities will be located at Southend Hospital, an already uncomfortable overcrowded place extremely difficult to get to with added expense inconvenience and lack of thought for those using the service.

Still on the subject of eye care, the eye screening department has been transferred to the Yadava Centre in Grays.

With no public transport close by, and poor car parking leaving few options for getting there.

I am sure others will voice similar thoughts on this, but it must not be ignored the fact that Thurrock is a rapidly growing area with new housing, industry and major roadworks crisscrossing this crowded borough.

The population deserves and is entitled to its own full range of health care facilities, not those supplied by another borough. Why must this not be obvious?

PETER KENT Heath Road, Grays