SADLY, apathy was the only real winner at the latest Thurrock election night.

So often you can reflect on a night of high drama, tension and the rest.

Not this time.

Hardly anything changed. Gained an odd Labour councillor there, lost the odd Conservative here. And the independents, who came in with nine seats left with the same.

So, back to the apathy factor.

Barely one in four residents voted last week. A measly 26.8% of people ventured out.

A ten-year low in Thurrock. The reason? Well, I think we all know don’t we... That dreaded word we’re all sick of.


And it’s not like the people of the borough don’t like to have their say.

After all, a whopping 72.7% of residents went out and had their say on this never-ending story. With an unapologetic major- ity of 72.2% very keen to leave the EU.

Yet here we are, as eveyone knows, virtually three years on from the vote and our politicians haven’t got their **** in order.

So it’s little surprise to me that so few people bothered to vote this time around.

Local politicians have told the Gazette Brexit was on the lips of many of those they encoun- tered while door-step- ping for votes.

And it’s hardly a surprise.

Let’s just hope the almighty mess gets sorted soon. Hopefully that’ll be by the time Thurrock folk are asked to vote again....