IT has been been spoken about for many years.

And next week it could at last get the go-ahead.

I’m talking about the regeneration of Purfleet.

Well, in fact, it’s more like the recreation of Purfleet.

It is claimed it will “set the benchmark for regeneration” in Thurrock. Well, it would certainly do that and some!

With an estimated cost of no less than £1billion, it promises the creation of thousands of new homes, masses of retail space, hotels, two new schools and even a film and television studio - the jewel in its crown.

Some will not doubt take the “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach, but it will be fascinating to learn the finer details.

Plenty of prep work has already gone into this and with Purfleet’s close proximity to London the exciting studio plan could well prove a hit.

Purfleet is already on the map with successful facilities like The Backstage Centre, on the High House Production Park, a production and rehearsal venue which attracts some of the world’s top music artists.

Combine this with a neighbouring world-class film and TV studio and a new-look Purfleet could soon find itself cemented on the creative industries go-to map.