A RECORD percentage of children in Essex have been offered a place at their parents’ first choice of primary school, Essex County Council has revealed today.

About 16,100 parents in Essex will discover the outcome of their primary school place application today.

Those who applied for school places online will receive confirmation by email or through the council’s website.

The council says it has continued to invest in creating school places and a record 89.4 per cent of children due to start reception in September have been offered their parents’ first preference.

County Hall education bosses say the figure has increased from 88.1 per cent last year.

A further 6.2 per cent have been offered their second preference, meaning more than 95.5 per cent have been offered one of their top two preferences.

The council says in total, 98 per cent of pupils are being offered one of their parents’ preferred schools.

Eseex County Council education boss Ray Gooding said he was pleased with the figures.

He added: “I’m thrilled that so many parents are being offered their preferred primary school place.

“Starting school is an exciting time in a child’s life and I wish all those starting in September the best for the start of their school days.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the hard work of all council officers and school staff involved in this successful process.”

Essex County Council has spent millions of pounds in building new primary school places in Colchester including building new schools and extending others as the demand for places outstripped supply.